Trump's presidential aspirations fold like a carpenter's ruler, to everyone's Gomer Pyle-level of surprise

Man, we all knew that ultimately Donald Trump had about as much interest in running for president as a blind man has in rainbows.

The hustler who transcends his hustle officially bowed out of the 2012 race today because today was the deadline for letting NBC know that he was re-upping for Celebrity Apprentice, which rivals Shakespeare for drama fit for the ages and the sages.

Trump explained that business remains his greatest passion. Of course. The business of marketing himself. The presidential flirtation and all his birther blabber certainly didn’t hurt the Trump brand. And celebrity is his narcotic of choice.

The astonishing thing was that the thrice-married, F-bomb spewing Trump was briefly the Republican presidential frontrunner, even while most of us knew that he was playing us like a casino lounge piano.

Somewhat of an indictment of a pool of contenders that is shallower than a baby bath tub.