What happens if there is an election and hardly anybody votes, does it count?

They held a primary election Tuesday and most people yawned through it.
So much for democracy. People today simply are too self-centric to take the time to vote. After all, there is shopping to do, TV watching to do, Facebooking to do, vices to satisfy, indulgences to appease.
The marquee race was for the mayor of Reading, which drove the population to the polls in droves.
If apathy were a fatal disease, few people would be alive in Reading as of this writing.
Vaughn Spencer won the Democratic nomination for Reading mayor with a whopping 2,136 votes.
Jim McHale won the Republican nod with a staggering 603 votes. Of course, there are as many Republicans in town as there are dwarf albinos with pink eye.
For the record, there are some 88,000-some people in Reading, so tons of people failed miserably to do their civic duty.
The city is crunched in the crosshairs of a colossal crisis and a paltry 15 percent show up to vote.
Granted, if most people in Reading gave a spit, the town wouldn’t be on life support.
Our city is facing extinction with Act 47 and all its fiscal Armageddon trappings and nobody in town cares.
Only Gene Pitney knows what a town without pity can do.