Obama stops his inexcusable dithering over Syria and finally slaps sanctions on Assad

Well, it’s about time the Obama administration slapped sanctions on Syrian President Bashar Assad because of his violent crackdowns on pro-democracy protesters.
The restrictions announced today, the day before President Obama delivers a major speech on the Middle East, basically freeze any assets that Assad and six aides have within U.S. jurisdiction, and forbid Americans from doing business with them.
So what took Obama so long to yank the cork out and let it flow? Was he hesitant about bringing the hammer down because he was hung up on reading Emily Bronte novels or distracted by a dream that he was chased in his underwear by a rabid Norwegian elkhound?
Granted, those are absurd assumptions. But no more absurd than the Obama administration once viewing Assad as a pragmatist and potential reformer who could buck Iranian influence and help broker an eventual Arab peace deal with Israel.
How the administration could come up with that pipe dream is astonishing. Under the 40-year rule of the Assads, Syria has been distinguished only for its sociopathic foreign policy and its unremitting hostility to the United States.
The Syrian government emphatically deserves America’s contempt and condemnation.
Not saying that Obama should dispatch the Navy Seal Team 6 to Syria, but toppling Assad is in our national interest. Not to mention the Syrian people who are sick of being human target ranges for Assad’s guns.