Psst! Did anybody tell the Queen that Obama is a smart alec?

I didn’t realize the British are either members of the Tea Party, Fox News anchors or regulars posting comments on the Zeke Blog.

Because the Brits apparently harbor a Grand Canyon-sized bias for President Obama.

In fact, they think Obama is a smart alec. Then again, the original Tea Partiers at Boston Harbor thought King George III also was a smart alec.

Scotland Yard, the UK’s police force, has given Obama the security codename Chalaque for his visit this week to the United Kingdom. The term is a Punjabi word meaning someone who is too clever for his own good.

Well, I’m as certain that the Rapture ain’t happening tomorrow either as I am that many of you feel the label is an apt description for Obama.

Scotland Yard insiders said that codewords are randomly generated by computer.

Smart alecs!