Every day of a Palin presidential campaign would be like Christmas morning to the blogosphere

There is increasing media speculation that Sister Sarah may indeed run for president after all.
Of course, media speculation and reality very often never even scrape fenders.
Still, I have this gut feeling that Sarah Palin wants this almost as much as she wants her next breath and paycheck.
Why else would she be beginning a bus tour of historical sites on the East Coast this weekend?
After all, she’s been about as much of a history buff as Snooki.
I hope Palin does have the fire in the belly needed to stage a bid. She should. After all, she is hotter than two-lane blacktop under an August sun.
For bloggers, a Palin candidacy would be like serving vats of firewater to the Apaches. She would run as if the field was shellacked, with a pratfall and faux pas running in tandem with every stride.
And Palin always is a scream because she invariably develops lumbago when it comes to lifting the heavy details.
Go for it, Sarah! God knows that this country desperately needs some comic relief.