A real disconnect! Cell phone radiation may cause brain tumors, which isn't good

We may want to go back to rotary landline phones. Or perhaps pigeons and ravens.

Sooner or later, we knew it was too good to be true that we could walk around and ignore everybody around us while we chatted incessantly about nothing and everything on our cell phones.

Perhaps we should rethink that.

A group of experts from the World Health Organization has classified the radiation emitted from cell phones as a possible cancer-causing agent, concluding that cell phones could be associated with an increased risk for glioma, a type of brain tumor.

If you have a brain, you sure don’t want a tumor on it.

It’s hardly a shock to find this out. Stick a whole bunch of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields into your ear for an infinity of hours and it has to screw something up until you have tombstones in your eyes.

You wouldn’t catch Alexander Graham Bell dead with a cell phone. Oh, he’s already dead? Well, then perhaps he did use a cell.

For the rest of us, while there still is time, we had better opt for hands-free devices or simply text people. But don’t text while driving or while trying to hit a Cole Hamels changeup or while smoking a cigarette in an oxygen tent.