The Tea Party and the GOP are headed for a divorce uglier than a photo of Palin and Trump together

A picture is worth a thousand words, I’m told.

But not being a wordy guy, I won’t bore you with any comments about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump sharing a pepperoni pizza in Times Square Tuesday evening other than to say that shouldn’t have these two presidential flirts eaten crow instead?

Now onto our serious political matters, assuming most of you can keep a straight face about the Tea Party.

I, for one, cannot. I can’t help myself. The Tea Party makes me chuckle more than the old Road Runner cartoons. Both of them are all about pratfalls.

Looks like even though the Republicans voted against raising America’s debt cap last night, it merely was a temporary suck-up to the Tea Partiers.

The Republicans eventually are going to split from the Tea Party and side with the Democrats in embracing raising the debt ceiling — if the GOP can get concessions on spending cuts and budget reforms.
Republicans are not blind zealots like the Tea Partiers, who apparently don’t give a damn that if we do not raise the limit we will default on our gazillion-zillion-trillion-billion-dollar deficit and all wind up on a slow boat to China.