Not the best of Fridays for John Edwards and Jack Kevorkian

I’m not sure who had a more party-killer of a Friday, John Edwards or Dr. Jack Kevorkian.
Edwards, the former Democratic vice presidential nominee and two-time presidential candidate, was indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy and violating campaign contributions. A grand jury has been investigating whether money given to support Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter, by benefactors of Edwards should have been considered campaign donations, a contention Edwards’ team has disputed.
Suffice it to say that Edwards right now couldn’t be more battered and bruised had he spent the day as a speed bump in the Broadcasting Square parking lot.
Then there’s Kevorkian, affectionately dubbed Dr. Death as the most notable crusader for physician-assisted suicide and right-to-die legislation, who finally met the Grim Reaper himself at 83 after a kidney ailment and pneumonia laid him low.

Through the 1990s Kevorkian and his terminally ill patients were almost as deadly a combination as booze and car keys.

I don’t know jack, but me thinks the only trait Edwards and Kevorkian shared in common was too much pride bordering on peacock arrogance.