Do you think Anthony Weiner now wishes Al Gore had never invented the Internet?

C’mon, man.

That’s what I’ve got to say about Anthony Weiner, the Democratic congressman from New York who supposedly fancies himself as a cyber stud.
You gotta be kidding me. This guy looks like everybody’s nerdy accountant and he thinks he’s Romeo with a half-dozen online Juliets.
Off line, this guy couldn’t pick up a cold in a club, let alone a hottie. Suddenly online he makes Charlie Sheen look like an altar boy. The power of the mouse.
And now Weiner the weasal insists he’s remaining in office because he’s even hotter as a congressman than he is as a lothario.
Cut me a break with a machete.
Weiner let it all hang out today about his hidden, lascivious online life after a G-string of embarrassing new revelations and photos emerged, mostly because of the due diligence of conservative blogger Andrew Breigbart.
If you recall, Weiner at first had vehemently denied that a photo of an underwear-clad erection, sent via Twitter to a 21-year-old woman, had come from him. Yeah, we all thought Santa Claus had sent it. Or the Easter Bunny.
Weiner evidently has a dark side blacker than Stalin’s heart. Whatever, he needs to stop living up to his last name.
Talk about fricasseeing your career. You can dip his future political ambitions in seal butter and drop them into a polar bear’s cage.
Granted, Weiner soon will have his own reality show and likely will cavort with one of the Kardashians. They deserve each other.
Life is good after all. But perhaps not for Weiner’s wife one of one year. I’m sure their dinner conversation this evening is even more strained than a former pitcher’s rotator cuff.