King James comes up small while trying to sit on the throne

LeBron James was elbow deep in hubris when he threw a big party upon his arrival in South Beach last year.
And now James is elbow deep in humility after he and the Miami Heat were knocked out in six games Sunday night by the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.
King James took his talents to South Beach but the Mavs kicked sand in his face. LeBron came up so small, especially in the fourth quarter, that earth worms were looking down at him.
Somehow the Psychic Helpline could have predicted that this wasn’t going to end well for James, who became the most hated man in basketball for his self-trumpeted exit from Cleveland.
For a guy who supposedly wants an NBA title like his next breath, James lacks a piranha’s appetite in the clutch.
Not saying that he chokes. But he does disappear like a guy swallowing Drano.