While Jon Huntsman wants us to all hold our breath for a week over an announcement he already made today, Michele Bachmann proves she's the ideal presidential candidate for the 19th century

The sweet semantics of it all.

Former Utah governor and former ambassador to China Jon Huntsman declared today he’ll announce his candidacy for president against his old boss “a week from today.”

Excuse me, but didn’t he just do that today?

Actually, I’m no media dummy even if I am a blogger. Two announcements double your media exposure, of course.

Huntsman in the hunt squared!

However, Huntsman may be a day late jumping in, even if it’s just a prelude to the actual jump.

Because Michelle Bachmann already could be the skyrocketing GOP star after basically stealing the show at last night’s debate.

The lady is charming, charismatic, blunt and definitely easier on the eyes than Newt Gingrich. Bachmann turned her opponents into fried race as she announced her bid and passionately defended the Tea Party.

Yes, she is Sarah Palin with brains.

Of course, what Bachmann’s brain thinks sometimes doesn’t dovetail with reality. However, what doesn’t dovetail with reality frequently dovetails with Republicans. Just saying.

For instance, like much of her political base, Bachmann doesn’t believe in evolution or global warming, believes in the tooth fairy, thinks homosexuality can be cured, loves the music of
Bachman-Turner Overdrive and warns of a plot to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico.

By the way, she supports states rights on gay marriage, but also supports a constitutional amendment outlawing it. Much like a Ryan Howard home run, that covers all the bases.

Yep, the lady is a trip. And what a long trip it’s gonna be.