Shades of Teddy Roosevelt! Obama turns into a bully

Must have been something Barack Obama ate for breakfast.
The conciliator-in-chief suddenly became the commander-in-chief today, blasting away at the Republicans in an East Room news conference.
Instead of receding into the background like faded wallpaper like he often does, the president suddenly manned the oars and railed against tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, for big oil companies, for hedge fund managers, for corporate jet owners, for wealthy people of all shades and stripes, and for lavishly compensated bloggers such as yours truly.
With the debt-ceiling deadline looming August 2nd and the budget talks going in circles like a NASCAR race, Obama scoffed down some Wheaties this morning and dusted off his bully pulpit.
It will be much more difficult for him to dust off the Republicans in this gunfight.