Mitch McConnell punts on the debt ceiling, lateraling the hot potato (and nuclear burns) to Obama

People in America are about ready to stick screwdrivers in their ears and eyes rather than hear or read any more about the damn debt ceiling.

With Barack Obama casually mentioning today that if the dreaded ceiling is not raised Social Security checks will not be sent out and retired folks will drop like flies while scorpions and frogs will overtake the land as if it were Biblical Egypt and all tea parties will be banned, even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is sick of the whole mess.

McConnell floated a novel way out of default Tuesday, suggesting that Congress give up its power to raise the debt ceiling and instead effectively transfer that authority — and the wrenching political pain that comes with it — to the White House for the remainder of Obama’s current term.

Very clever, Mitch. Especially for a guy who usually looks dazed and confused.

When backed up against your own goal line, it’s prudent to punt. Especially when you know your Hail Mary heave will go unheeded.