Talk about a heat wave on steroids! Greenhouse gases are juicing Mother Nature into one nasty fry cook

OK, it’s been hot in Berks County. And apparently it going to get hot enough to melt sidewalks and streets by the end of the week. Swimming pools may even boil over.

Of course, it’s been sizzling in much of the country as well. America is on a hotter griddle than even Rupert Murdoch these days.

What’s causing all this blast-furnace heat?

First of all, it’s normal to be hot as hell in July. Just ask Mother Nature.

But there are three other factors as well. Just ask Al Roker.

One is all the hot air blowing out of Washington, D.C. over the debt ceiling.

Two is climate change … there is natural weather variability over time.

Third — you know this was coming all my friends on the right — is global warming.

Evidently global warming does not cause hot weather but certainly intensifies it.

A lucid and simple explanation I just came across compares the greenhouse gases building up in the atmosphere from human activities to steroids.

Just like steroids can help a ballplayer hit a ball farther and hit more home runs in a season, greenhouse gases are performance enhancers when it comes to hot weather.

These gases from fossil fuel combustion and other sources add a little heat to the atmosphere or juice it up — loading the dice to make hot weather and hot weather records more likely as long as they continue accumulating in the atmosphere.

So when you are drowning in your own puddle of sweat while watching your grass, shrubs and flowers turn burnt orange and die, blame it all on Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Jose Canseco.