Saints be praised, a deal on the debt ceiling has happened in our lifetime

Of course, when they reached the red zone, they still were burning time off the clock. But at least when they inched toward the goal line, they suddenly were able to punch it into the end zone — sort of.

Oops! Sorry. Getting too immersed in the free agency and post-lockout world of the NFL.
Meanwhile, back in the real world of American politics where supposedly all Republicans are fonts of wisdom and patriotism and all Democrats are village idiots if not borderline traitors, President Obama and Republican congressional leaders reached historic agreement tonight on a compromise to permit vital U.S. borrowing by the Treasury in exchange for more about $2.1 trillion and change in long-term spending cuts and assure the markets that a first-ever default on U.S. obligations won’t occur.
But before you get too excited, the House and Senate still must approve it. And we all know how they love to squabble in their perpetual partisan pissing match. So we will see how that goes.
Perhaps the details of the deal on raising the debt ceiling won’t be that horrific after all to either side. That’s because the president said the deal isn’t what he wanted and House Speaker John Boehner said it’s not the greatest. So hopefully both sides won’t think the deal sucks worse than the Houston Astros.
Which is what the long-lost art of compromise is all about. But in this time and place, such bipartisan deals happen as often as Lady Gaga knits her brow over the debt ceiling. So this is unchartered territory for many.
Right now, Obama and Boehner face the Herculean challenge of selling an imperfect deal to wary liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans, who likely still would disagree over whether the Earth is indeed flat. Especially if it impacts the 2012 polls.
Good luck with that, guys. This is a long par-5, so may the wind be at your backs as you tee this up.