Head butt! Cantor says Obama is "in over his head"

Apparently House Majority Leader Eric Cantor likes to pile on.
Nothing like kicking a guy when he’s down.
After all, didn’t the GOP just roast President Obama like a rotisserie chicken in the debt deal?
Now Cantor seems to be treating the president like his personal doormat.
Cantor said this about Obama today: “I think, frankly, he’s in over his head as to what to do about this economy.”
Cantor said that since Obama has not run a business or created jobs or avoided paying taxes (don’t you have to be a Republican to do all that?), he has about as much chance of putting the economy back on track as he does of lifting a derailed freight train back on track.
What’s next? Will Republicans hire David Copperfield to make Obama and all Democrats disappear in 2012?