Happy 50th birthday, Mr. President! Stocks plunge more sharply than the Hersheypark sooperdooperLooper

Barack Obama picked a bad day to have his 50th birthday.
Nothing like having the economy go down the drain like Drano to spoil a birthday celebration. Perhaps the president’s friends and family can make party favors out of a shredded Wall Street ticker.
Even though Uncle Sam avoided default after that gunfight over that nasty four-letter word debt, global stock markets were uglier than eating Brussels sprouts.
Here at home, the Dow dipped deeper than a Hollywood starlet’s neckline, diving more than 400 points at one point and was still down 323 points by 2:30 p.m.
And then things really got bad. The Dow finished in the crapper, a freefall of 512 points — its worst drop since October 2008.
No surprise that the Grim Reaper showed up.
Fear over spending cuts, weak economic data, the latest jobless numbers, a slowing global economy and Europe’s debt debacle are to the markets what tsunamis are to beach chairs.