The Fed further bankrupts our 401ks. We don't need Nostradamus to rise from the grave and tell us the economic future is grave

I guess common sense at the Fed got locked in the supply cabinet.
Are these guys morons? Actually, don’t need to phrase that as a question. They ARE morons. Those guys have about as much brains as Wichita has good surfers.
The day after the markets melted down for the second time in days, the Fed opened its big mouth today and said that it will keep interest rates near zero for the next two years, acknowledging the economic recovery has been slower than it expected.
Stock markets had climbed ahead of the Fed’s announcement, taking back some of the losses incurred during the sharp drop yesterday. But they were extremely volatile, gyrating like pole dancers, immediately following the Fed statement.
Great timing, guys. Nothing like sticking a pin the balloon of momentum. These dudes are about as real as Cheez Whiz.