With the Dow once again dropping like a piano out a 37th-floor window, Sarah Palin cranks up the bus for Iowa

It has become quite apparent that Wall Street needs more distance off the tee but can’t afford a Big Bertha driver.
The Dow plunged like a Mexican cliff diver again today, dropping a whopping 520 points — the ninth worst single day drop in its history.
If you’re scoring at home, it was the third time in less than a week that the Dow closed down more than 500 points.
Not sure if they’ll ever paste Wall Street back to a semblance of one piece, not to mention our investments. Guess I’ll have to sell my golf clubs to pay for milk and butter. Oh, well. I haven’t scored a birdie since my car clipped a grounded robin.
With the concern of multitudes blowing down Wall Street like a relentless wind, Sarah Palin evidently now is playing the role of the Seventh Calvary. Her bus tour is resuming this weekend at the Iowa State Fair, where fair-goers will be tapping her on the forehead testing for termites.