Flaccid financial governance in Europe and U.S. may lead us to Doomsday

The Dow rose from the dead today, but no big deal. With the markets more volatile than a temperamental diva, we may be whistling past the graveyard if we think that this economic tumult is going to end well.
Evidently the pathetic state of financial governance in Europe and here could be leading us all to Doomsday.
In the U.S., Democrats and Republicans are so polarized that chaos ensues. And both sides are to blame for plunging us into a whirlpool of high anxiety.
And the Eurobond crisis that stretches from Ireland through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and now Cyprus spells Catastrophe with a capital C.
All of this is eye-rubbing to read. And could lead us into dangerous times, financially and otherwise.
After all, the spores of unrest are typically nurtured in dark and dank places.
You already can smell the aroma of charred dreams mixing with the wafting scent of flickering hope on the flower.