Rick Perry kicks off his campaign in the same South Carolina hotel hosting Zeke — obviously a transparent ploy to win my endorsement

How is this for irony thick enough to slice with a steak knife?

Especially for all you righties who think I’m just a lefty.

Rick Perry announced his presidential candidacy today at a convention of conservative bloggers at the RedState Gathering in the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina.

And I was there. Go figure.

You don’t need Disney to tell you it’s a small, small world.

While Perry and yours truly intersecting simultaneously in the crosshairs of political destiny purely was astonishingly coincidental, there is nothing surprising about Perry’s platform: small government and anti-Washington platform.

If Perry wins the White House, he may move it to Austin, Texas. Imagine cactus and tumbleweed on the White House lawn.

And the federal government will shrink smaller than Tom Thumb. By the way, say goodbye to entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that are mere nuisances bankrupting the government.

Meanwhile, Michele Bachman won the straw poll in Ames, Iowa tonight, positioning herself as Perry’s main rival to give Republicans an alternative to Mitt Romney.

Yep, figures to be a real horse race. Even if they are elephants.