While D.C.survives Virginia's 5.9 earthquake, the Penn Street Bridge, alas, does not

I guess Mother Nature’s GPS or compass or whatever cracked today because the East Coast got a stunning case of the shakes with a 5.9 earthquake.
After all, aren’t quakes supposed to happen only on the West Coast in retribution for the Dodgers moving to Los Angeles from Brooklyn and the Giants moving to San Francisco from Upper Manhattan?
The epicenter was about 4 miles southwest of Mineral, Va., near Richmond, and about 80 miles south of Washington, D.C.
While none of the D.C. monuments toppled from the quake, it did rattle things enough here in Reading to close the Penn Street Bridge. Apparently they found a crack. Of course, since the bridge already was fissured extensively with cracks, how they spotted a fresh crack remains open to rampant speculation.
Hope PennDOT has plenty of SuperGlue. Hope gridlocked commuters have plenty of Advil.
No word yet on whether the Tea Party is blaming Obama for the East Coast earthquake, but give those folks time to brew up some allegations.
I can already hear Michele Bachmann saying, “See what happens when things tilt left!”