Rick Perry a regular Speed Racer as he quickly becomes the Republican frontrunner

Rick Perry gets out of the starting blocks faster than a NHRA Top Fuel dragster.

According to our good friends at Gallup, Perry has surged into the lead in the race for the Republican nomination, rocketing past Mitt Romney.

Perry is first with 29 percent support, leaving Romney spinning his wheels in second at 17 percent.

Guess that double hair spray is working for Perry.

Romney’s campaign aides had better crank up a six-volt battery and shoot some juice into him. Perhaps it’s time for Romney to go back to the silk ties, too.

Somehow Ron Paul is third with 13 percent and Michele Bachmann is next with 10 percent.

Of course, the finish line still is a distant dot on the horizon. Besides, it would spoil all the fun if the race wraps up quickly.