Eagles fork over fool's gold in paying Vick insane money

The Eagles keep emptying their maassive vault and now they’ve shoveled $100 million over six years, including a whopping $40 million guaranteed, to Michael Vick.
They totally overpaid for a 31-year-old quarterback whose risky style of play makes him more brittle than expensive china, who has a better shot at picking up a refrigerator than he does a blitz, and who only played like one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks in spurts last year.

The former felon turned face of the franchise now is the third-highest paid QB in the league behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. If he’s the third-best quarterback in the league, I’m singing opera at Carneigie Hall next month.

As least the Vick deal clears enough cap space for the Birds to redo DeSean Jackson’s contract. Right now Jackson is playing for about $1.75 a game. Fry cooks at Denny’s make more than Jackson.

With the Eagles going on a spending spree that would even shock Paris Hilton, look for season ticket prices to jack up higher than the moon next season.