Tonight's GOP debate could turn into a feeding frenzy if Perry attracts a school of piranha

The Republican presidential candidates are going to tee it up at the Ron Reagan Library in California tonight and nobody will be out to tee one up for the Gipper.

What will be interesting is how much all the other candidates tee off on Rick Perry now that he’s joined the party.

Don’t be surprised if some of them try to split Perry like a cantaloupe that has been too long in the sun. Now that Perry is the frontrunner in the polls, he has the most to lose tonight.

Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney in particular may burrow in and try to take Perry apart piece by piece.

And if John Huntsman, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum all get desperate and join in the Battle Royal, Perry could wind up in ICU halfway through the debate.