Obama would be better off keeping his mouth shut tonight

Yes, it’s a strange world out there these days, boys and girls. So keep your powder dry. I swore I saw a couple of mallards swimming on the West Shore Bypass this morning.

In the midst of all this weather insanity that has brought us an earthquake, a hurricane and now enough rain to make Noah buy a second ark, President Obama is doing something insane tonight.

Obama is giving a speech on jobs creation to a joint session of Congress. And nobody in Congress gives a damn what our president has to say.

Why is Obama subjecting himself to this folly? Isn’t this guy sick of spending each day as a speed bump in the White House parking lot?

We used to think he was borne on currents of destiny. Now we know he’s borne on currents of hot air.

Tonight he’s going to try to appease liberals, appeal to independents, win over some Republicans and make a compelling case to Washington-weary voters.

He has a better shot at convincing Tea Partiers that he’s not a Muslim and was born a Yankee Doodle Dandy.