Attention, class! Obama's proposed millionaire's tax to help slice the deficit not exactly a yawner

President Obama curled the toes of Republicans and millionaires across America today. Hopefully most of them were wearing flip-flops at the time.
Obama formally announced — can it be formal if he wasn’t wearing a tux and top hat? — a package that cuts $3 trillion off the deficit, saying that it’s not class warfare, it’s math, to generate new revenue to solve the budget crisis.
His proposal would establish a minimum tax rate on millionaires to avoid loopholes, and would make cuts to entitlements and Pentagon spending. Obama said the bill would cut $2 in government spending for every $1 in new revenue.
“We can’t cut our way out of this hole,” he said, adding that there ain’t no chainsaw big enough.
Of course, the de facto millionaire’s tax known as the Buffett Rule is a dragon that will have John Boehner and friends wielding broadaxes to fight.
To us poor folk, asking those with more to pay more is only fair. To the rich folk, such a concept is an utter abomination.
Can’t say that I blame the wealthy. If I were richer than King Farouk, I would dip all us poor folk in seal butter and drop us into a polar bear’s cage rather than put a kink in my opulent lifestyle.