Bloody Sunday: Falcons KO Vick, Eagles

The Eagles and the Falcons teed it up Sunday night in Atlanta and it was a game for body bags. Try as they might to legislate the violence out of the NFL, it still is a blood sport.

To say that both teams played a physical game is like saying the Gestapo played 20 Questions.

The Eagles, trailing by 11 early in the third quarter, scored 21 consecutive points during an eight-minute stretch in that period on a 36-yard Michael Vick TD pass to Jeremy Maclin (13 catches for a career-high 171 yards but a killer drop in the dying moments) and two Shady McCoy (18 carries for 95 yards) touchdown runs to take a 10-point lead into the final quarter.

But then the guy who was ahead at poker ended up bumming cab money home. The Eagles took it on the chin 35-31.

Vick got knocked out of the game with an aching neck and concussion and you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see that coming. The guy gets hit more than a piñata. Deep in the third quarter Vick was thrown to the turf, got whipped around and his head collided with his right tackle, Todd Herremans. Vick got knocked out by a barroom left you could see coming all the way from Blandon.

The Eagles’ D, so ferocious much of the game, faded like a sick flower in the final quarter as Matty Ice Ryan froze them with his chilling right arm.

Now where for the 1-1 Eagles? Like always, doubts about Vick’s durability follow him and them like a shadow.