I was so bored by the GOP presidential debate that I started watching paint dry just for kicks

OK, maybe it has been forever or maybe longer since JFK set the gold standard for presidential debates.

Granted, it helped that he was charismatic, tanned and handsome while Nixon was a whiter shade of pale and forgot to shave.

The Republicans had another go at it last night and suffice to say, it was not as thrilling as a Six Flags amusement ride.

The only way these folks are gonna send an electric charge through every seat is if they buy generators. In bulk.

The GOP needs a Caruso to hit all the high notes against President Obama but right now all they’ve got are lounge singers.

Again it was Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and the rest.

While it’s becoming more obvious than Lady Gaga’s wardrobe that Perry hardly is the master debater, Romney didn’t knock him out. Or vice versa. Perhaps one of them should have hired Floyd Mayweather as a hit man.

Apparently, unless Chris Christie suddenly gets skinny or Sarah Palin miraculously gets brainy, Obama just might become the first president to ever be reelected while tethered to a tanking economy.