Sniper alert! Rick Perry quite at home on the range

Playing golf hardly relieves stress, especially if you constantly wind up in rough as thick as Rick Perry and you need a GPS to even find the greens.

In fact, most of the time the only hole worth playing is the 19th so you can drown all the stress that climbed up your aching spine on the course.

Not a problem for Perry. He indulges his itchy trigger finger at the gun range. Dick Cheney Redux.

Now that has to shoot holes in any stress incurred during Perry’s presidential debates when all the other candidates bully him.

“Well, I don’t play golf, this is my golf.” Perry said.

Besides, having a guy in the White House who can shoot back just might frighten al Qaeda, which certainly doesn’t develop jelly knees over a 9-iron

By the way, apparently a love for firearms isn’t the macho hobby you may think.

According to a new book by a female photographer with the sexist title of Chicks with Guns, an estimated 15 million to 20 million women in America own their own guns. Remember the old days when ladies bought pocketbooks?

Damned if I would call a heat-packing woman a chick and risk having my chest turned into so much Swiss cheese.

Guess Perry should score a bull’s-eye with the female electorate.