If you soon see robots chasing ambulances, you'll know that technology disbarred lawyers

OK, I realize that lawyers are not the most popular human species. This may because the only difference between a tick and a lawyer is that a tick falls off of you when you die. And did you know that sharks won’t attack lawyers out of professional courtesy?

Personally, I don’t have a problem with attorneys since almost everybody in my family except me is a lawyer. I am not one because (1) I’m allergic to expensive suits and (2) I never could pass a bar.

Which is why, unlike you, I’m upset that emerging technology could kill lawyers.

People simply will be able to use software instead of lawyers for their legal issues, which will save them a boatload of money. That’s because attorneys, like a school of sharks, often work in groups. For instance, it takes six lawyers to change a light bulb — one to change the bulb and five to write the environmental impact statement.

Then again, if I’m a murder defendant, I’m not so sure I would trust my fate to a legal software program that could crash at any moment. Suddenly a public defender doesn’t look that bad, although they wear cheap suits.

You know, being a blogger, I live by technology. But technology does have a dark side. It steals jobs. Did you know that computers are getting so skillful with language that they now can write stories all by themselves?

If this suddenly becomes the I. Robot Blog, you’ll know why.