Christie follows his gut, leaving the GOP with a field hard to stomach

I’m impressed that Chris Christie is a man of his word. Someone pinch him to check if he’s really a politician. He said he wouldn’t run for president, and by golly he declared today that “for me, the answer was never anything but no. The no never changed.”

Granted, the New Jersey governor did choose an unfortunate choice of words in explaining his decision.

“It did not feel right to me, in my gut, to leave now when the job here was not finished,” he actually said of his, uh, gut check.

Considering that the man has to be weighed on a truck scale, that phrase leapt off his lips into every sound bite and delighted snarky bloggers everywhere (present company excluded, since yours truly has a sterling reputation for taking the high road).

OK, so now Christie is stuck with New Jersey and the Republicans are stuck with the current crop of candidates — assuming that Sarah Palin doesn’t awake from her coma and join the race.

In a race where the incumbent president is more vulnerable than the Eagles’ fourth-quarter defense, the GOP still may go belly up.

Mitt Romney still polls around 25 percent support and seems incapable of pushing that needle, thanks to the charm of a gerbil. Rick Perry has begun to flame out because he opened his mouth instead of just letting his hair do the talking for him.

Man, perhaps Donald Trump should change his mind. He may not have Perry’s hair, but The Donald doesn’t need a six-volt generator to put some juice into the race.