Palin's exit announcement greeted by an epidemic of yawns

Sarah Palin announced that she’s not running for president and nobody seemed to care. It was as if a tree fell in the forest and there was nobody around to hear it. Her exit didn’t make a sound.

Perhaps because everybody already knew that she never was going to run until her spiked heels fell off in a bid that would have been a fool’s errand.

In the interim, she strung out the media longer than the Alaska pipeline.

The main question now is whether Palin still will be able to warm her hands in the warmth of the spotlight. Already Fox News czar Roger Ailes is talking about his most famous employee in the past tense.

“I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings,” he told The Associated Press.

Whatever her future, she has amassed a fortune and won’t be working in the Boscov’s East gift wrap section by the holidays.