After getting cut from his high school debate team and in a MMA brawl to tap out Cain, Romney and Obama, Perry vows to tap energy to create 1.2 million jobs

While Herman raises Cain, Rick Perry is trying to raze Cain.
With Herman Cain flashing past Perry and hot on the rear bumper of Mitt Romney, thanks to his simplistic vision that could bore a hole in a vault, Perry is on the offensive.
Now that everybody knows that Perry ain’t no master debater, he apparently is a master creator when it comes to jobs. Or so he says.
Taking a page from the Cain 9-9-9 laser-focus message, Perry rolled out his Drill Baby Drill laser-focus message today.
Speaking at a steel plant near Pittsburgh, he said he could create 1.2 million jobs by rolling back federal regulations and opening up more areas for oil and gas exploration.
Perry is all about energy and said he would repeal the EPA’s authority over greenhouse-gas regulations, too. Evidently he’s not all about the ozone layer and our lungs.
This guy wants to drill so badly he should have been a mad dentist. And unlike Barack Obama, he sure isn’t green at the gills.