Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street may party traditional Democrats and Republicans into hung-over has-beens

The two main parties in America used to be the Democrats and Republicans, except for those halcyon nights in the 1960s when Hef was throwing a party at the Playboy Mansion.
Of course, neither the Dems, GOP or Hef are the party animals they used to be.
Now we got the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street muscling it on the party scene. Party on, Garth!
Granted, some folks already are noticing an overlap between the messages of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. That overlap in a nutshell is that both sides, one coming from the right and the other from the left, think the government sucks. They’re mad as hell and aren’t gonna take it anymore.
That even dawned on Barack Obama today. The president is trying to suck up to Occupy Wall Street, at least from a safe distance since some of the protesters lack personal hygiene skills, in a desperate attempt to tap into its energy to jolt his progressive base back to life.
And now comes word that an activist who helped ignite Egypt’s Facebook revolution is an adviser to Occupy Wall Street.
Man, don’t you all just love a party? Don’t turn out the lights, because these two new parties ain’t over!