Hangover in Vegas blossoms a killer headache with today's sunrise after last night's GOP Destruction Derby

The Republican presidential candidates are suffering one hellacious hangover today after last night’s holocaust of a debate.

Fight Night in Las Vegas. They should have put this donnybrook on PPV and raised election funds.

Everybody was beating up on Herman Cain, whose simplistic 9-9-9 plan doesn’t add up except for the tax bite that definitely would add up and add up and add up if you’re middle class trending toward serfdom.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry went at it at hammer and tong, landing enough heavy shots to split a tree. The fact that neither one of their skulls split makes one wonder how thick-headed they are.

It was great entertainment watching the two get so up close and personal, flicking snake tongues at each other — whoo-eet! whoo-eet! Even Ali in his prime didn’t have that fast of a jab.

The collateral damage from this Battle Royal? President Obama won. The incumbent had to be happier than a kid locked up in an ice cream store to watch the Republicans build pyramids of hurt upon one another.

The slugfest left all of them with more lumps than Joe Frazier after the Thrilla in Manila and left Romney looking petty, Perry looking desperate and Cain looking like a guy clinging to his flawed plan as if it were a life preserver (which it’s not).

If all the current contenders continue this barbaric assault, they soon may have to send out for body bags. The attrition rate soon may rival that of the Roman Colosseum, except those guys bled in Latin, not English.

With a damaged Obama ripe for the plucking, seems like a fatal mistake for Republicans to turn to cannibalism.