President Obama formally ends the war in Iraq by the end of 2011. Candidate Obama informally rejoices over receiving such a grand political gift for 2012

OK, perhaps it was politically motivated because every once in a while it’s sort of important for an incumbent running for reelection to fulfill a promise made in all the heated bluster of a campaign.

No matter that President Obama felt compelled to honor his 2008 vow to end the war in Iraq or further spike his chances of soon collecting unemployment. At least he’s finally ending the war, even if it’s more overdue than my need to regrout the guest bathtub.

With the economy still swirling down the drain and the art of job creation missing longer than Judge Crater, the president needs a boost among those who no longer dig his shtick. So he announced today that he will pull all U.S. troops out of Iraq by the end of the year.
So at least we’re inching toward the end of a lugubrious war that seemed to last forever. When it comes to the cavalcade of lost lives and lost treasure that are tethered to war, nearly nine years can feel as long as 90 years. Life gallops by everywhere else but in wartime it saunters at a clippity-clop pace. The unforgiving winds of war cut like a double-edged axe.
Of course, it’s clear that Obama has no credibility among many active participants in this blog’s threads. So even if I knit something favorable about Obama, it totally unravels before the eyes of those blinded by their obsession to remove him from the fabric of power and therefore see no good, hear no good and speak no good regarding Obama no matter what.
Nevertheless, I am compelled to say that some of the president’s words resonated with me today.
Obama said the end of U.S. involvement in Iraq reflects a larger transition away from “the tide of war.” He referenced the fact that troops are beginning to return home from Afghanistan and said that trend will only continue as the U.S. refocuses on its needs at home.
“After a decade of war, the nation we need to build and the nation we will build is our own,” he said.
Amen! Praise the Lord but don’t pass the ammunition!
Uncle Sam’s pugnacious ventures overseas have vaporized the homeland with concussive hits.
We have to stop standing up for others and allowing the resultant depletion of resources to sit on us as though it were trying out a sample sofa in a furniture showroom.