The dough has been rolling in like a tsunami for the flush 1 percenters the past 30 years

Apparently we won’t find the richest 1 percent of Americans squatting on Penn Street while holding tin cups anytime soon.
A new report by the Congressional Budget Office today reveals that the Fab 1 percenters’ after-tax income increased 275 percent in the past 30 years, compared with a 65 percent increase for the top 20 percent and an 18 percent growth in income for the poorest fifth of the population.
The report blames the widening income gap on the decline in government action to redistribute wealth, an unprecedented increase in executive compensation and the Kardashians.
I say bully for the top 1 percenters. They followed Woody Allen’s script to take the money and run. They followed Donna Summer’s lyrics and worked hard for the money.
Meanwhile, what did the rest of us poor blokes do? OK, maybe we did punch a clock and the occasional drifter.
But it’s likely most of us still found plenty of time to teach our dogs new card tricks, excavate our nostrils while stopped at red lights, spend hours picturing what Chris Christie and Ann Coulter look like in thongs, and wonder why Somalians seldom wear Vera Wang — time we could have better spent working second and third jobs in an abestos factory or the Fritz Island sewer facility.
Granted, the sweat of your brow isn’t the cash machine it once was. Status trumps work ethic every time. It’s scripture that money begets money. In fact, it’s at the top of the long list of begats in the Bible. You can look it up.