Romney may be clueless about climate change, but we sure won't be if we experience just another typical October blizzard in Berks

Mitt Romney is wearing his flip-flops again.
He used to think there was something to climate change and that emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases weren’t cool.
Now he thinks we have no clue what’s causing climate change so let’s treat emissions like relatives we don’t like and simply ignore them.
Actually, Romney should ditch the flip-flops in favor of preppy tennis shoes since he’s constantly running backward from previous pronouncements.
The guy just spews luminous logic.
What brings this up today?
Because suddenly here in good ol’ Greater Reading PA we evidently are getting a rare October snowstorm this weekend that will topple power lines and trees like they were bowling pins at Berks Lanes.
How rare would that be in these parts? Try like the first time ever. Colorado this ain’t. We ain’t used to getting buried in snow like Napoleon in Russia, at least not in October.
I don’t know if all this shall come to pass, but already it’s about as warm as Rushmore granite outside. And we already know how much precip we’ve been getting lately. Ducks have been quacking and swimming down Penn Street and I’m not talking about the folks streaming out of Maria’s.
Now our trees could turn into icicles. Autumn leaves around here were meant to be pretty and then plummet to earth so Berks Countians could spend their weekends raking leaves and kicking themselves for not outsourcing the job to illegal aliens. Now we may have to hire them to help remove oak trees from our living rooms.