Cain accuser reportedly received 45K settlement, and it wasn't to stimulate the economy

I don’t know if Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan embalmed his math skills, but apparently he’s not so hot at counting greenbacks.

Politico, which first broke the story of sexual-harassment allegations against Cain during his time at the National Restaurant Association, reports that one of his accusers received a severance payment of $45,000.

That’s more than the $35,000 that another accuser received, according to The New York Times, and significantly higher than what Cain, under fire from the media, recalled as being only two or three months’ pay.

Uh-oh. Sometimes in presidential politics moral grounds can translate into burial grounds if voters speculate that a compromised candidate’s conscience has been entombed.

Cain at this point likely wants to massage his gums with an automobile jack. He would be better off keeping a stiff upper lip, except when eating pizza.