Does Herman Cain have a stimulus package hidden somewhere in his 9-9-9 plan?

Herman Cain and sexual harassment allegations keep scraping fenders.
The fourth woman to play bumper cars in this she said-he said game of razing Cain went public and appeared alongside her attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference today.
Allred, of course, is the feminist attorney to every woman in America involved in high-profile and controversial situations. They all have her number on speed dial. It’s a matter of stimulus and response.
Sharon Bialek alleged that when she was seeking a job from Cain, he put his hand up her skirt and then grabbed her head and brought it towards his crotch.
Allred, of course, has called more press conferences than most presidents. So she’s good with a quip.
Concerning Bialek allegedly turning to Cain for help. Allred cracked, “Mr. Cain instead decided to try to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package.”
With Andy Rooney dead, Gloria Allred may find herself on 60 Minutes. Why not? She’s on television all the time anyway.