Suffice it to say, the Eagles aren't exactly poetry in motion

Forgive me, but the dire circumstances of our beloved Iggles have motivated my muse to wax poetic this morning …

It’s no jive that at three and five the Eagles have taken a deep dive and will need a Giant miracle to reach the playoff hive.

OK, I’m no poet and I know it.

But I do know that after blowing their fourth fourth-quarter lead of the season Monday night in losing 30-24 to Da Bears, the Eagles practically are out of breathing room. Jeff Lurie at this very moment is purchasing 50-some oxygen tanks.

Where the Birds stand this morning is poetic justice for a franchise who bought all the gaudy new toys but forget all about its core. And when it comes to execution, this Philly team keeps murdering it.

No need for a messy recap here. Too many gory details to sift through is no fun unless you’re a coroner. And I’m not quite ready to tag the big toe of this team.

Still, the Eagles can’t stop the run. Matt Forte still is running I believe as I write this. They are plagued by critical mistakes — whether it be penalties, turnovers or mental gaffes.

The Birds are three games behind the first-place Giants in the NFC East. And while their next game with the Cardinals should be winnable even for this sorry outfit, the Giants and the Patriots are next on the horizon.

For some reason I’m thinking of the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem The Charge of the Light Brigade.