Powell calls Occupy Wall Street "as American as apple pie" but must avoid the violence and nihilism. Of course, how many Kierkegaards are among the demonstrators?

Colin Powell raised some eyebrows and some voices an octave last night when he guested on Piers Morgan and termed the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations “as American as apple pie.”
That, of course, was the attention-grabbing portion of his remarks.
The cerebral Powell discussed the movement in his typical measured way.
Powell escaped the hot potato question about OWS as dramatically as Indiana Jones once did, but without all the cinematic theatrics. After all, if my mind’s eye still can properly focus on a particular patch of memory, Powell always has displayed all the emotion of wilted arugula.
While Powell said there is plenty of justification for the movement’s outrage, he also said there is some reason for concern over its direction.
Powell was verbally lithe enough to straddle the line between the pro-and-anti-OWS stance, saying that he doesn’t “begrudge anyone who has earned a good salary as part of our capitalist system,” but also expressed an understanding of the frustration many of the protesters are feeling.
While conceding that the growing wealth gap needs addressing, Powell cautioned the Occupy movement not to give in to divisive forces of violence and nihilism.
Unfortunately, that seems to be the direction OWS is taking. Hopefully Powell’s words of wisdom will serve as a GPS to get the movement back on track.
Granted, I have sincere doubts that such a course correction is forthcoming.