Space cadet! Don't pile on Cain just because anything that happens outside U.S. borders evidently seems as if it happened on Mars to him

First off, Americans supposedly don’t care about foreign policy these days because our domestic policy seems so foreign to them.

I can dig that.

So perhaps it doesn’t matter that Herman Cain doesn’t know squat about foreign policy, doesn’t have a clue what just went on in Libya in recent months because, as he eloquently said today, “I’ve got all this stuff twirling around in my head.”

Yep, when you’ve twirled pizza up in the air for years, how in the hell can you keep track of foreign affairs? Dough-Re-Mi.

So who can blame Cain if his thoughts about what’s going on overseas is limited to grownups talking about the war going better, Germans turning into icicles in Russia, Italy surrendering, Mussolini looking for a new job and Rommel wearing tennis shoes and running backward out of North Africa?