Some Tebowing by Obama could deliver America from evil and score some points with Jesus

There must be something to this Tebow thing, don’t you think?
Astonishingly, Tim Tebow is 4-1 this year as the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback even though he doesn’t actually play quarterback.
Football purists look at Tebow’s mechanics, or lack thereof, like poodles watching a card trick.
Tebow couldn’t stand out more even if he were dressed in Versace. He simply doesn’t fill the same job description that the league’s other quarterbacks do.
Now there’s Rocky Twyman, a prayer warrior who has prayed at the pump to to lower gas prices. Twyman wants President Obama to start Tebowing (get down on one bended knee with lowered head in prayer) and give God glory.
The premise being that God in turn will bless Obama and solve our nation’s unemployment and economic problems.
Hey man, why not? I have informed Obama’s advisers that the president has Zeke’s blessing to start Tebowing. Plus, an Obama Tebow or two will counter persistent rumors that the president is a Muslim.
Actually, the more prayers the better. So I likewise have requested the campaign managers of all the Republican presidential candidates to do synchronized Tebowing at their next debate. Except for Rick Santorum, who already has God’s ear.