While the Eagles' season yet may be a lost cause, the surprise win over the Giants is more priceless than a packet of quarter-inch hex nuts

OK, maybe the Eagles still have a sliver of hope, especially in a league that works the unpredictable like Stradivarius worked spruce and maple.

The Birds’ defense suddenly played like granite statues with the mobility of water bugs while perhaps Vince Young and Riley Cooper should start every game.

In a game that hardly was to thrills what beets are to taste buds, the Eagles shocked the Giants 17-10 Sunday night in Paradise Lost, otherwise known as East Rutherford, N.J.

To celebrate, I just may breakfast in Gdansk and then alphabetize my canned goods.

Still, do I think the Birds have a playoff chance? Well, while I can fathom the physics of the screwball, you’d have to be Nostradamus, Jimmy the Greek and Vegas Vic on steroids to answer that question.

After all, shots that long had to be hit by Babe Ruth, a Jell-O parfait of a man.