Apparently no news is better than Fox News

Evidently Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don’t watch any news.
Think about what that says about Fox News. And about Fox viewers.
Granted, relatively few Fox watchers went to Oxford. But then, neither did I. Of course, I do watch Bill O’Reilly fairly regularly, and of my own free will.
Then again, this Fairleigh Dickinson University poll may be flawed because it surveyed New Jersey residents, whose average IQ is 2 points lower than even Snooki’s.
Researchers attribute the Jersey brain drain to all the toxins in North Jersey and all the ultraviolet radiation in South Jersey. Little wonder that Jersey native Bruce Springsteen recorded Born to Run.
So I guess some Jersey Fox viewers still would be cabbage heads if they watched MSNBC instead.
Alas, we’ll never know because Jersey people will never learn how to switch channels on their remote. There’s a reason why most of them work in waste removal and answer to a guy named Vito.