New England is the Patriots; Philadelphia is the Patsies

Once upon a time Eagles’ fans wanted to hang Andy Reid from their rearview mirrors. Now they just want to hang him.
Those zealots who want Reid more fired than a barbecue brisket popped the cork on their celebration tonight after the Eagles imploded 38-20 against the Patriots at the Linc.
Indeed, the Birds are four and seven, just might lose eleven, and sure as hell ain’t going to heaven.
The rout couldn’t have been more sickening than a mayonnaise and shrimp sandwich from a street vendor.
New England receivers ran by Eagles’ defensive backs as if they were fire hydrants. At least they didn’t stop to hiss on them.
Tom Brady carved up the Birds even more viciously than yours truly did our Thanksgiving bird. This game should have been played on Thanksgiving because it was a real turkey.
DeSean Jackson dropped three passes and then got dropped on the bench. Vince Young threw for 400 yards, the most useless chunk of real estate north of the Everglades. Granted, he may have thrown for 500 yards if his receivers didn’t mimic the Venus de Milo.
I could go on and on, but I have more important things to do … like catching up with my thumb twiddling and finally counting the number of cashews in our pantry.