Cain able to survive allegation of extramarital affair on top of all the sexual harassment charges?

Without tragedy there can be no comedy.
It seems as if the Herman Cain campaign has ample dollops of both.
The pizza czar should have sold peanuts instead because his presidential bid looks as crushed as peanut shells at the Peanut Bar.
Herman Cain has told aides he will reassess the viability of his struggling campaign after an Atlanta woman accused him of conducting a 13-year extramarital affair.
How fickle fate is on the campaign trail. Cain led the Republican White House race barely more than a month ago but has nosedived in polls after a series of sexual harassment charges and campaign missteps.
A la Rick Perry, Cain has dropped like a grand piano from a 34th floor bay window.
Cain denies he had an affair with businesswoman Ginger White, who told an Atlanta television station that her on-and-off relationship with him began in the mid-1990s.
Cain reportedly wants to gauge the impact of the charges over the next few days and see if it created a cloud of doubt in supporters’ minds.
Just a hunch, but I think that cloud of doubt could cover what’s left of the ozone layer. The perception among many by now has to be that Cain’s moral values are as phony as an election in the old Soviet Union.