GOP presidential candidates a bunch of cheapskates so far

Lavish campaign spending supposedly is like sin. It’s too tempting to be curtailed.

No so fast, my friends.

Perhaps the experts were reading the wrong tea leaves when they predicted this could be the costliest presidential campaign in history.

A Bloomberg News report says the GOP fight through the first three quarters this year produced “one of the cheapest primaries in more than a decade.”

The top nine major GOP candidates spent a combined $53 million, compared with $132 million spent four years ago during the same time period.
A primary factor for the stinginess of the 2012 GOP primary season is the 11 nationally television debates so far have given candidates ample free media coverage. Consequently, they have skimped on expensive TV ads so far.
The operative words being so far. Once the election portion of the primary season rolls around, the negative attacks ads will be assaulting the airwaves with an expensive blitzkrieg intensity.
Told you that campaign spending was as popular as sin.